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Are Foreclosures Increasing or Decreasing?

By chriscollins | May 18, 2016

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the size of the foreclosure inventory in the nation. There has been some speculation that distressed property inventories are about to skyrocket. Today, we want to reveal what is actually taking place in this segment of the housing market. CoreLogic, in their most recent National Foreclosure…

In a Seller’s Market: Is it Time to Downsize?

By chriscollins | May 17, 2016

A study by Edelman Berland reveals that 33% of homeowners who are contemplating selling their house in the near future are planning to scale down. Let’s look at a few reasons why this might make sense for many homeowners, as the majority of the country is currently experiencing a seller’s market. In a recent blog, Dave Ramsey,…

Sales Up In Nearly Every Price Range

By chriscollins | May 16, 2016

The National Association of Realtors’ most recent Existing Home Sales Report revealed that home sales were up rather dramatically over last year in five of the six price ranges they measure. Only those homes priced under $100,000 showed a decline (-4.6%). The decline in this price range points to the lower inventory of distressed properties available for sale and…

Housing Market Snapshot [INFOGRAPHIC]

By chriscollins | May 13, 2016

Some Highlights: Home sales are up 1.5% year-over-year and 5.1% month-over-month. Demand is still much higher than the available housing inventory which declined 2.2% from March 2015. This is the 49th consecutive month with year-0ver-year price gains. from Simplifying the Market™ http://ift.tt/1X6AJlz via IFTTT

Where is Housing Headed for the Rest of 2016?

By chriscollins | May 12, 2016

With the overall economy just inching along, some experts are questioning whether the housing market can continue its momentum throughout the rest of the year. People are beginning to ask questions such as: Will disappointing economic news adversely impact housing? Is affordability a major concern in today’s real estate market? Are we approaching a new…

A ‘Buyer’ in Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

By chriscollins | May 11, 2016

In today’s highly competitive seller’s market where there are more buyers than there are listings for them to purchase, some sellers may feel like the ball is in their court. And they would be right when it comes to choosing which offer to accept, the closing date, or even which improvements the seller is willing…

Mortgage Rates Remain at Historic Lows

By chriscollins | May 10, 2016

The latest report from Freddie Mac shows that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.61% last week, slightly down from the week before (3.66%), and nearly 20 points lower than a year ago (3.80%). This is great news for homebuyers who are dealing with rising prices due to a low inventory of homes for sale in many…

4 Reasons to Move Up to Your Dream Home This Spring

By chriscollins | May 9, 2016

Spring is in full force; the summer months are right around the corner. If you are debating moving up to your dream home, here are four great reasons to consider listing your current home and moving up to your dream home now, instead of waiting. 1. Buyer Demand is High & Inventory is Low Recent…

Americans Believe Real Estate is the Best Long-Term Investment [INFOGRAPHIC]

By chriscollins | May 6, 2016

Some Highlights: Real estate outranks stocks/mutual funds, gold, savings accounts/CDs, and bonds as the best long-term investment among Americans. Real estate is ranked as the best long-term investment among all age groups. Millennials rank both real estate and savings/CDs at 26% when it comes to the best long-term investment. from Simplifying the Market™ http://ift.tt/1WdEQO6 via…

Warren Buffett: There is No Housing Bubble

By chriscollins | May 5, 2016

With home prices expected to appreciate by over 5% this year, some are beginning to worry about a new housing bubble forming. Warren Buffet addressed this issue last week in an article by Fortune Magazine. He simply explained: “I don’t see a nationwide bubble in real estate right now at all.” Later, when questioned whether…

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